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Kiele O Kona  sells only 100% Kona coffee grown on our farm. Some coffee processors blend a very small amount (usually 10%) of Kona coffee beans with lower quality (lower price) coffee beans from Central America or Asia. The processors then label the coffee “Kona Blend” although 90% of the coffee is from somewhere other than Kona.

In practice, no one, not even coffee experts, can taste the 10% Kona in a “Kona Blend” so this practice is very deceptive and misleading to consumers. These processors are only trying to increase the price of inferior coffee by masquerading the blend as Kona coffee.

In the 150 years since Arabica coffee was first planted in Kona, Kona coffee has developed a much-envied reputation throughout the coffee world for its distinctive aroma and full-bodied flavor with its smooth aftertaste.

As with fine wines in Napa-Sonoma, the high quality and unique character of Kona coffee is almost totally a product of its growing environment. The other factors which can affect the quality are harvesting the cherry coffee only at its peak ripeness and carefully controlled milling processes.

Harvesting only the ripest cherry requires hand picking. Machine-picking, which is used in other coffee growing areas, picks unripe and over-ripe cherry, which degrade the coffee flavor dramatically.

Improper milling of the coffee cherry can degrade the coffee quality severely. The coffee cherry must be pulped immediately after picking, then the mucilage covering the beans soaked off overnight. Then the beans (called parchment) are ready to be dried. Any delays in this process will cause degradation of the coffee quality.

The dried parchment must be stored under controlled conditions to maintain high bean quality. Kiele O Kona roasts each customer order within 12 hours before shipment to ensure our customers receive the freshest coffee possible.

Our goal is to deliver to our customers consistent high quality 100% Kona coffee at it freshest! From hand picking to custom roasting, we are devoted to our product quality and customer satisfaction.

For all the reasons above, producing premium quality 100% Kona coffee does cost more than producing inferior coffees. We take great pride in offering one of the world’s finest coffees to our customers.

Fine 100% Kona Coffee -- Simply the best!