Kiele O Kona Coffee - 100% Kona Coffee – Kissed by the Kona Sun

Taste the Farm Fresh difference in every cup!

Fine 100% Kona Coffee -- Simply the best!     

Kiele O Kona Coffee is sun dried to give our coffee its wonderful flavor.

Our signature Roast is the Medium-Dark Roast also known as a Full City Roast.  We roast in small batches, to enhance the flavor and give you, the coffee lover, an exceptional taste experience.  We offer 5 different roasts from Medium to the Dark Italian, which is great for espresso.

Private Reserve - Roasted Coffee can be purchased in 1 lb. or 8 oz. packages.

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We ship by USPS Priority, which is the most economical method.  USPS Priority Mail usually arrives in 3 days, however, high volume times, such as holidays, can possibly require 5 days.

Private Reserve - 1 lb. Roasted Coffee  $30.00

    Questions:  Call (808-331-8602) or e-mail us   ( and we’ll be happy to assist.

Private Reserve - 8 oz. Roasted Coffee  $16.00

Internet Special - 4 lbs. of Coffee   $112.00

($28.00 a pound - Save $8.00)

One pound each Medium, Medium Dark, Dark, Hapa Ho’ohui (a mix of Medium and Dark Roast coffees, creating a unique sweet roasty taste profile, you can only purchase from Kiele O Kona Coffee Company). 

Buy Internet Special:

Coffee Sampler   $45.00

($15.00 each - Save $3.00)

3 - 8 oz. Packages; 1 each of Medium, Medium Dark and Dark Roast coffee.

Buy Coffee Sampler:

Green Coffee 100% Kona Coffee - 1 lb. $18.00

  For the Home Roaster Enthusiast - Minimum Order 2 Pounds

                                   - Maximum Order 10 Pounds

Prior to being roasted, coffee is referred to as "green coffee" due to it's emerald green color.  We offer our Estate Grade 100% Kona Coffee so you can experience the joy of roasting coffee at home.